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Mr Hoover's new hacking technology

por Sarin, em 21.08.19

Enquanto me inspiro para os postais que alinhavo e expiro os miasmas do Eixo Trump/Bolsonaro, aproveito para informar que recebi um email do FBI. Do FBI!

Com este nick, esperava pelo menos uma varridela da CIA... 



Anti-Terrorist And Monetary Crimes Division
FBI Headquarters, Washington, D.C.
Federal Bureau Of Investigation
J.Edgar Hoover Building
935 Pennsylvania Avenue, Nw
Washington, D.C. 20535-0001
This e-mail has been issued to you in order to Officially inform you  that we have completed an investigation on an International Payment in which was issued to you by International Lottery Company. With the help of our  newly developed technology (International Monitoring Network System) we discovered that your e-mail address was automatically selected by an  Online Balloting System,this has legally won you the sum of $2.4million USD from a Lottery Company outside the United States of America. During our  investigation we discovered that your e-mail won the money from an Online Balloting System and we have authorized this winning to be paid to you via INTERNATIONAL CERTIFIED BANK DRAFT.
Normally, it will take up to 5 business days for an INTERNATIONAL  CERTIFIED BANK DRAFT by your local bank. We have successfully notified this company on your behalf that funds are to be drawn from a registered  bank within the world winded, so as to enable you cash the check instantly without any delay, henceforth the stated amount of $2.4million USD has  been deposited with IMF.
We have completed this investigation and you are hereby approved to  receive the winning prize as we have verified the entire transaction to be Safe and 100% risk free, due to the fact that the funds have been deposited with IMF you will be required to settle the following bills directly to the Lottery Agent in-charge of this transaction whom is located in South Africa According to our discoveries, you were required to pay for the  following,
(2) Shipping Fee's ( This is the charge for shipping the Cashier's  Check to your home address)
The total amount for everything is $150.00 USD We have tried our possible  best to indicate that this $150.00 USD should be deducted from your winning prize but we found out that the funds have already been deposited to IMF and  cannot be accessed by anyone apart from you the winner, therefore you will be required to pay the required fee's to the Agent in-charge of this  transaction
In order to proceed with this transaction, you will be required to contact the agent in-charge ( Mrs.Georgina Rowland ) via e-mail. Kindly look below to find appropriate contact information:
CONTACT AGENT NAME: Mrs.Georgina Rowland
PHONE NUMBER: +1917-391-1894
You will be required to e-mail her with the following information:
You will also be required to request Western Union or Money Gram  details on how to send the required $150.00 USD in order to immediately ship your prize of $2.4million USD via INTERNATIONAL CERTIFIED BANK DRAFT from IMF, also include the following transaction code in order for her to identify this transaction :EA2948-910.
This letter will serve as proof that the Federal Bureau Of Investigation is authorizing you to pay the required $150.00 USD ONLY to Mrs.Georgina Rowland via information in which he shall send to you,
Federal Bureau of Investigation F B I
Yours in Service,Christopher A. Wray,
Director Office of Public Affairs, F B I
[C'mon, guys, too many words... while reading half of it Trump builded an ice tower and threw the towel on Queen Margaret's face... ]


[Cuidemos de todos cuidando de nós: Etiqueta respiratória. Higiene. Distância física. Calma. Senso. Civismo.]
[há dias de muita inspiração. outros que não. nada como espreitar também os postais anteriores]

Autoria e outros dados (tags, etc)

lançado às 23:17

Onde ideias-desabafos podem nascer e morrer. Ou apenas ganhar bolor.

Obrigada por estar aqui.

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De Sarin a 22.08.2019 às 17:22

É o Trump, é o Trump, vou te devorar, emigrante eu soooooooou.

Ou talvez seja
Baby Trump dum-dum-dundundum, Baby Trump dum-dum-dundundum, Baby Trump dum-dum-dundundum, Baby Trump! Papa Trump dum-dum-dundundum, Papa Trump dum-dum-dundundum...

[a palavra a quem a quer]


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